Product code Product name Quantity Image Durability Notes
CMD-815473D Chlorine gas filter(II) 1 100 Disinfection cycles The chlorine gas filter binds chlorine gas to minimize the escape of the gas into the environment.
CMD-800479D Chlorine test strip 1   Test strips to determine the level of free dissolved chlorins in 'electolyzed acid water' (EAW).
CMD-800486D Printer paper 1   10 Rolls per box
CMD-800578M Monthly box 1   Contents: 1EA Particle Filter (I),
4 EA chlorine gas filters (II), 2 boxes of electrolysis accelerator (NaCl). Covers consumable needs for one month based on 20 disinfections per day, with 5 working days per week.
CMD-815466D Particle filter(I) 1 400 Disinfections Pleated particle filter

Electrolysis accelerator (carton)

1   1 carton contains 24Pg NaCl per carton, 2 bags per electrolysis give a 0.1% NaCl solution

Bacteria filter

1 up to 90 days The bacteria filter consists of a 0.65µ pre-filtration membrane and a 0.1µ hollow fiber filter