Capacity and versatility

Vertical storage of 12 endoscopes in a small space. Maximum flexibility thanks to sliding internal walls that allow quick and easy access to the endoscopes. Available in single-door and double-door pass-through versions for room separation.

Complete drying

Filtered air through a HEPA-14 filter and twelve independent micro-compressors that allow drying of both the external surfaces and the individual internal channels of the endoscopes.

Maximum safety

Glass door and internal LEDs for a constant display of available instruments.

Precise control functions

Several sensors monitor the microclimatic conditions, the functions and the status of the endoscopes inside the cabinet and signal any anomalies.

DORAI - Safety and reliability
Store endoscopes dry, protected and always ready for use


Weight: 350 kg
Overall dimensions:
W 1100 x D 800 x H 2200 (mm)
Chamber dimensions:
W 785 x D 742 x H 1883 (mm)
Chamber volume: 1096 litres
Noise level: 60 dB
Air flow into the cabinet: 150m³/h
Pressure: 101,325 Pa
HEPA H14 suction filter: 150x150x57 (mm)

Configurations: single access / pass-through (with double door and double monitor)