Channel Cleaner

Balls for cleaning Endoscope channels


The mechanical manual cleaning of endoscopes is the most critical moment in the treatment of instruments: The use of microspheres consisting of more than one million fibres with a size of only a few micrometres enables effective, safe, repeatable and fast channel cleaning.

Channel Cleaner is a unique disposable product, an alternative to traditional brushes.


This disposable device is designed for brushing and cleaning the inner walls of endoscope channels using ball aspiration. It is designed to complement and enhance manual cleaning and brushing. After handling the endoscope with the device, follow the recommendations of the local guidelines for manual cleaning and brushing and the relevant instructions of the endoscope manufacturer.

Parts of the endoscope that cannot be brushed by the device must be cleaned and brushed according to the recommendations of the local guidelines and the endoscope manufacturer.It is recommended that the device not be used for purposes other than those specified. Only trained personnel should use it.



Mode of operation and composition

At the end of the endoscopic examination, the operator aspirates a cleaning solution into the channels of the endoscope to remove gross contamination from patient secretions, mucus or blood. The channel cleaner is used in this phase of the cleaning process. The product is sucked into the channels together with the cleaning solution. By means of suction, the beads are sucked in by the endoscope tip, pass through the biopsy and suction channel and are ejected through the outlet of the suction channel.

The spheres are collected by means of a trap that allows the operator to check the correct ejection of all three spheres. By sucking the balls through the channels, they can be cleaned and the walls brushed. The unit consists of a cartridge containing the balls and a container for the cleaning solution, which houses the cartridge itself.

After completing the daily tasks, immerse the trap in a cleaning solution and then wash it with ultrasound. After washing, disinfect the siphon, rinse and dry. The trap is reusable.

The cartridge is disposable: do not reuse.


Specifications and compatible endoscopes

Below are the diameters of the insertion tube and biopsy channel of the endoscopes on which the product fits.
Diameter of the biopsy channel

- 1.8/2.2 mm, e.g. bronchoscope (product code CMD-BB1120D; green cartridge);

- 2.8 mm, e.g. gastroscope (product code CMD-BB1128D; yellow cartridge);

- 3.2/3.8 mm, e.g. colonoscope (product code CMD-BB1132D; orange cartridge).

Outer diameter of the endoscope: 8 - 18 mm.

The device may only be used on ducts with the above mentioned diameters. The device must not be used for duodenoscopes.


Cartridge: Polypropylene

Latch: polymethylpentene

Container: Polypropylene



Store in a clean place, away from direct light, at room temperature and normal humidity. It is recommended to store the product in a suitable container to keep it clean and not to expose it to water or heat sources.

Cartridges and containers should be stored in suitable boxes to prevent sagging due to weight, etc. The bullets contained in a cartridge may become loose. It is recommended to store the boxes in a place protected from shocks.

Guidelines and compliance

The sewer cleaner has been designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993, implemented by Legislative Decree No. 46 of 24 February 1997, as amended (Class I medical device, non-sterile, CE marked).

The following harmonised standards apply to the product:

ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14971/2000.


Datasheet Manual
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