The mechanical manual cleaning of endoscopes is the most critical moment in the treatment of instruments: The use of microspheres consisting of more than one million fibres with a size of only a few micrometres enables effective, safe, repeatable and fast channel cleaning.

Channel Cleaner is a unique disposable product, an alternative to traditional brushes.

This disposable device is designed for brushing and cleaning the inner walls of endoscope channels using ball aspiration. It is designed to complement and enhance manual cleaning and brushing. After handling the endoscope with the device, follow the recommendations of the local guidelines for manual cleaning and brushing and the relevant instructions of the endoscope manufacturer.

Parts of the endoscope that cannot be brushed by the device must be cleaned and brushed according to the recommendations of the local guidelines and the endoscope manufacturer.It is recommended that the device not be used for purposes other than those specified. Only trained personnel should use it.

Channel Cleaner
Balls for cleaning Endoscope channels

Specifications and compatible endoscopes

Below are the diameters of the insertion tube and biopsy channel of the endoscopes on which the product fits.
Diameter of the biopsy channel

· 1.8/2.2 mm, e.g. bronchoscope (product code CMD-BB1120D; green cartridge);

· 2.8 mm, e.g. gastroscope (product code CMD-BB1128D; yellow cartridge);

· 3.2/3.8 mm, e.g. colonoscope (product code CMD-BB1132D; orange cartridge).

Outer diameter of the endoscope: 8 - 18 mm.

The device may only be used on ducts with the above mentioned diameters. The device must not be used for duodenoscopes.