SEB1000 - Automatic pump system

Your valuable tool for cleaning endoscopes



The SEB 1000 is a compact, automatic pump to support the cleaning of flexible endoscopes. This device automates all reprocessing steps from leak testing to cleaning and washing of the endoscope, which were previously performed manually by the operator. It is recommended that the device is not used for any purpose other than that stated.

Only trained personnel should use it.



At the end of the endoscopic examination, after all preliminary examinations have been performed in the endoscopy room, the operator takes the endoscope to the washroom. In the washroom, a leak test and manual cleaning of the endoscope is performed in the automatic endoscope washer before the procedure is carried out.

The SEB 1000 pump enables automatic and safe leak testing and flushing of the internal channels of the endoscope. By flushing the internal channels, the actual patency of the channels can also be checked. The pump is also capable of automatically dosing the cleaning agent.

A comfortable 7" colour touch screen and acoustic signals guide the operator through the different steps.


Safety and traceability

The SEB 1000 has three factory preset cleaning cycles, one cycle that can be customised to your cleaning needs and one cycle for leak testing. All cycles can be customised to the operator's needs; an access password is required for customisations. There are three levels of authentication.

Up to 100 operators and 200 endoscopic instruments can be registered internally. Operators and instruments can be accessed via a touch screen or barcode reader.

Reports include the following:

- all cycle phase information (highlighting type and time);
- the date and time of the start and end of each cycle;
- the unique code assigned to the unit, including serial number, make and model; - the name of the operator; - the date and time of the cycle;
- the name of the operator; - the type of cycle performed;
- the type of cycle performed; - the hospital and department data (if entered).

Reports can be printed via the built-in printer or exported via USB for secure and complete electronic traceability.


Technical data

Power supply voltage: 230V
Power supply frequency: 50Hz
Absorption current: 300mA
Power consumption: 40W
Dimensions (WxDxH): 230 x 280 x 320mm
Weight: 10kg


Datasheet Manual
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